About Me

I have worked with traditional and vector illustration; info-graphic and typographic projects; logos and corporate identity; Adobe Photoshop and digital photographic assignments; tables and other Adobe InDesign publishing layouts. I am also an avid painter, amateur photographer and frequently work on my own vector art pieces.

My design and illustrative work has been commissioned by advertising agencies, publishers, clothing and design companies throughout Australia. It has appeared in books, magazines, brochures, catalogues, instruction manuals and in newspapers; on stationery, posters, billboards and signage; on clothing, game cards, and a number of varied merchandising items.

Clients have included Advertising Agencies such as bcm, Publicis Mojo, Saachi & Saachi, Clemenger, DDB, George Patterson, McCann Erikson. Publishers, Hodder Headline, John Wiley and the Courier Mail newspaper. Design companies such as Lloyd Grey Design.

British born, but now live with my wife in Brisbane, Australia. Here, we enjoy endless summers and the great outdoors. Currently employed as the Senior Graphic Designer for a large global manufacturing company, based in Brisbane.


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